Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stretch Pants Santa!!!

Well WELCOME HOLIDAYS!  And on comes the food!  GRRR!  I know it’s that time of year that everyone centers conversation around food and the table.   It’s the time of year that is full of thanksgiving and blessings too.   

Here’s where my pet peeve falls in (you knew it was coming)…  When did the mindset of  “must have all this food” become the main objective for the holidays?  Why not make it easy on everyone and do something simple & light so that the focus lies on visiting with family and friends… and focusing on our blessings?   It’s like a twisted mindset that everyone has to cook for an army with surplus of food (which could easily feed a poor family … whom would appreciate it at this time of year)!   

Then the meal comes ….   We feel like we have to “try” everything so we don’t hurt poor Aunt FeedOurEmotions’ feelings;  and then we nibble for hours afterwards to stay awake.  And that really tired feeling we get… that’s from the turkey we just overstuffed on(yep- tryptophan sends a hormonal signal to our brains making a chain reaction which eventually makes us feel “tired”).   It’s taking all we can to keep from falling asleep in the chair while Cousin GottaNibbleMore is talking to us.   Our top button has already popped on our britches, or if they haven’t already, they are screaming at us to relieve the pressure!   We just should have worn stretch pants!  Seriously, what are we thinking??!

Then Cousin AllOrNothingThinking feels like he’s blown it already for the day so he decides to continue blowing it that night too.   And since it takes a week to finish off all the pies & turkey (turkey salad, turkey sandwich, and the infamous “turkey surprise”), that will leave us with only 3 weeks away from Christmas.  Oh the self-control!!!!     The chocolates and desserts at all the Christmas Parties we will be attending is just too much to bear!  Cousin AllOrNothingThinking has given his disease to us so we just give up before we even start trying!!  It’s too stressful anyways, shopping for everyone… just a little fast–food while on the go will just keep us satisfied…Seriously, no biggie.  Then Christmas arrives (thank goodness for stretch pants!) and we continue our pattern; why not?!?  We just have a few more days until we have to start our new year’s resolutions, right?  So lets eat, drink, and be merry while it lasts because we know we have to stop the madness beginning January 1st with our annual “new year’s resolutions” of weight loss attempts.    

That being said, I hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!!   …Oh,  and don’t forget to ask Santa for some stretch pants!
I do wish everyone a very blessed Holiday Season.  Spend time with family and friends focusing on our blessings of thankfulness.  He has given us Free Will... the power of choice.   We are made to crave… but not food.  We are made to crave Him.  You can do all things through Him who strengthens you (Phil. 4:13).  Our bodies are His Temple.  Are you fit for the King? Don't wait until the new year.


  1. LOL! It's terrible to dread the eating festivities because of all of this! So true. This year, I'm going to try and think of it NOT as a gathering to eat, but a gathering of fellowship. My family has gotten used to me "hurting" their feelings when I refuse to eat the fabulous __________ they made. Now they are used to it. My husbands family now has a veggie tray for me :)

  2. I SO needed to read this! I've kicked up the exercise a notch but there have been way too many sweets around and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I know my exercise is not making up for all the snacking I am doing... Ughhhh. Thanks for the reminder not to give up or give in!

  3. Audrey - you are blessed that the family respects your wishes and offers a veggie tray! It's so hard to get people, who don't have a healthy lifestyle, to understand why we do what we do EVEN during the "Eating Holidays."

    Tia - You are an inspiration! It's easy to get off track, but at least you are so capable of getting back on it without problems.

    I hope you guys had a GREAT BLESSED Thanksgiving!!