Friday, June 21, 2013

"Borderline" Diabetes - "Borderline" Pregnant?

Many time I hear someone tell me that they were diagnosed with "Borderline" Diabetes.    My reply, "Can someone be borderline pregnant??"

Obviously, you can't be "borderline" pregnant, right?  What makes someone think they can be "borderline" diabetic?  Seriously!   This is so frustrating to me that the doctors aren't direct with them.  I wish they just say, "You have diabetes.  Your pancreas is not too damaged at this point.  So if you want to avoid going on medicines or insulin, you really need to follow a diabetic diet."

When a person is told they have "borderline" diabetes, most do not take it serious and continue to allow it to get OUT OF CONTROL and the pancreas becomes damaged even more!  All the meds or insulin could have easily been avoided.  And the medical bills could have been avoided. Totally avoided.

I'm not trying to step on toes at all here, because this is NOT my point.  The trend of the doctors that seem to be doing this are ones who have been in the profession for a very long time.  Ones that have been in for <15 years seem to understand diabetes much better and don't use that "borderline" terminology.  They also seem to be the ones who take an advantage of their resources in other areas... social workers, counselors, dietitians, etc.  Just makes me wonder if the trends of teaching in medical school have shifted for the better in the recent years.  Patient care should be multi-dimensional if the patient truly needs it. By this I mean that all areas of expertise, as previously mentioned, are pulled in to assist in the "whole" care of the patient, not just partial care provided just by the medical doctor.

So if you know of someone who has be told they are "borderline" diabetic, please do them a huge favor.  Please inform them that there really is no such thing... just like there is no such thing as "borderline" pregnant.  Tell them that they should really be following a diabetic diet and take advantage of living without medicine dependency!!   If there is a dietitian in your area that can sit down for a couple hours and explain the meal plan thoroughly, please encourage them.  Or have them contact me for an available time.   Life is just to precious to live on "borderline."  - Christie

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