Friday, July 29, 2011

Fatburning 101

I have recently ran across an article that is so well worded - in laymans terms & easy to understand -  regarding fat "storage" and fat "burning."   The first part goes into detail on how to burn the fat. It also introduces you to diabetes prevention (or control) by simple hormonal control.    It can be very enlightening to people who just haven't understood "how" to lose the weight or control blood sugar levels.  (click on the link below)
In my Why Weight Classes & Diabetes Classes I explain all of this; however, this guy has put some pictures with it to really make an impact.... I encourage you to read it!

I MUST say though that on page 31 of it, he will introduce you to a new style of eating, called the Intermittent Fasting.  I highly advise ANYONE with DIABETES or BLOOD SUGAR PROBLEMS to NOT ATTEMPT this form of eating!!!  It will wreak havoc on your blood sugars and can be detrimental to your health.  In fact, the only ones who might attempt this needs to be in good health and should be in an exercise routine already.
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Christie Brooks, RD

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eye-Opening Facts

Hours of TV watching per week shown to negatively affect academic achievement: 10 or more
Average time per week that the american child ages 2-17 spends watching TV: 19 hours, 40 minutes
Number of ads aired for junk-food during four hours of Saturday morning cartoons: 202
The average American consumes how much sugar in a year:   140-200#/year or at least  1/2# per day