Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharpen that Saw!!

Who are we kidding, right?  Juggling kids, ball practices, homework, housework, cooking, bedtime baths... oh, and I almost forgot ... the job that actually brings home money too!  You live by the clock keeping everything on schedule and by the end of the day, you have NOTHING left for you!  Whew!  It's a whirlwind!  Then when you get to be mid-30's you might say... I will start working out & eating better tomorrow.  Then 40 knocks and your hail damage has hit the thighs because your "tomorrow" just hasn't arrived.  Before you know it, 45 comes and you've been diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease, and you discovered that hail damage grows!     And men... you work so hard to make a buck in your early years in spite of taking care of yourself, then when you finally realize all your money you've made is going right back into your medical bills that could have been prevented if you just took a little time out for you!

An ounce of prevention will help avoid a pound of medical bills!   Even Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, states you "MUST SHARPEN YOUR SAW!"    Quite bluntly, you can give me excuses all day for delaying "tomorrow" but NONE are true reasons.  If you can sit 15 minutes in front of a computer, then tell me what is soooo important on that computer that you can't put it away and go for a brisk walk?  And what about you devoted TV watchers... there are 3 minutes of commercials every 10-12 minutes during your show.  Get down in the floor and do some pushups, situps, and leglifts!!

Our problem in society today is that we love to make up excuses because we can't find true reasons! They don't exist!  Our minds limit us ... we make ourselves "incapable"just by telling ourselves excuses! When in reality, we have limitless possibilities between our ears!  You just got to dig deep and find it!   First step is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  You can't love yourself until you believe in yourself.  You can't love others deeply until you love yourself.  But it all starts with believing in you!


  1. "Our minds limit us ... we make ourselves "incapable"just by telling ourselves excuses!" Our minds our so powerful. They can be our worst enemies, or our greatest ally.

  2. my most recent post also talks about one of the popular excuses that I hear. "i'd rather die early and happy." sheesh.

  3. Amen! I completely agree with this post and wish more adults in their 30's and 40's would pay attention to reminders like this. This past year my husband got so busy working 2 jobs, working on his PhD and fulfilling other obligations that he stopped exercising. Every time I would remind him about making time to exercise he would just say he couldn't- he was just too busy. His immune system grew weak and he caught a cold which turned into a secondary infection. He ended up with pneumonia and actually needed to go to the hospital for 4 days so of course he HAD to stop working. Big reality check! He now knows that exercise MUST be a priority in his daily life. It's easier for me to prioritize exercise because I am self motivated and usually training for a race. However, I know I should be doing more than just running. The past few weeks I have been doing 10-15 minutes of push-ups and sit-ups EVERYDAY. It is not hard or time consuming. Like you said, some things can be done during a commercial break and that is often when I do them. Great post!