Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Next Why Weight Program is offered!

The next Why Weight? Program is starting February 28th!  
Registration ends February 27th at Searcy Athletic Club!
Cost for full program is only $125.  Previous participants take 40% off.  Couples take additional $10 off!

If you are interested in hosting your own Why Weight Program, get 6 friends to commit and your fee will be waived!

Individual Diet Consults are also available: $50 first time visit & $20 for follow up


  1. Blog looks so good! I'm SO proud of you for doing this! Can't wait to see how you incorporate the spiritual aspect. Way to go girl!

  2. Great looking blog! I loved the Why Weight class when I did it and learned so much! I'm looking forward to following this blog!

  3. This is my first official blog stalking, I mean, following! :) Thanks for asking me. I look forward to learning from it, sharing in it and benefiting from it. And thanks for opening yourself up and sharing "you".

  4. That MimiMaggie is Jamie! Sorry for the experimenting, I'm new to this!

  5. When is your next Why Weight class? Thanks, S. Medley

  6. Next Why Weight Class is the last Monday in April (the 25th). I will have registration forms at HealthCorp front desk by April 11th.