Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Purpose

Like most women, I too, wear many hats. One is being a wife to a wonderful Christian man and mom of 2.  God gave me the earthly privilege to raise His children-what a job that can be at times!  Thru example and teachings, my children learn.  I pray the Lord guides me on this wonderful journey! 

My next hat is being a dietitian/educator.  Words cannot describe to you the desire  - or passion - in me to help others with their health through nutrition – which is “our Creator’s natural pharmacy.”

I know the Lord has been molding me for my Purpose.  In reflection, through the years I have been exposed to many routes of nutrition…from hospitals settings, to owning a restaurant (working alongside a chef), to teaching at Harding University, then to working under a Childhood Obesity Grant for KidsFirst.  I’ve also worked in rural areas educating lower income on diabetes, HIV, Renal(kidney failure).  It’s very humbling! I've taught a healthy eating program for 13 years, called Why Weight?.
At a local gym, I conduct one-on-one diet consults.   I was on the Board for the Arkansas Dietetic Assoc and have had articles published in newspapers & magazines.   Many times I’ve done public speaking & radio talk-shows.  Through all this exposure & experience, the Lord as revealed to me sooo much!  Even as a teenager, I battled a 9 year eating disorder, and the Lord still stood by me and brought me up!   His ways marvel me! 

This Blog is laying the foundation of my long-time desire to write a book-a book that glorifies the Lord and helps others in their health struggle.   The biggest question I get asked is about weight loss.  Sure, it’s easy for me to show them the “how to”…. But getting them to “want to” can be quite challenging!    I pray the Lord uses me in this blog to help others.  We have been given only one body in this life on earth…we need to take care of it wisely.   After all, the Lord wants us to be good stewards, right?  And the Lord “created” our bodies – HIS MARVELOUS creation!  It’s so easy for us humans to abuse His creation.  So please, walk with me through this…we can do it together!


  1. Well, I'm amazed! I've known some of your experience, but not all. Some people have natural gifts, others are learned. All of your experiences and experience have made you who you are, with God using them all to mold you into the gifted and blessed woman that you are. I appreciate your willingness to do yet another task for the benefit of others.
    For me, the "want to" has always been there, even the "know how", but the "how to" has been the issue for me; taking the "want to" and the "know how" and somehow meshing them into something that would allow me to know "how to" and to follow through with it, that is my challenge. And I'm sure there is something deeper than that!
    Thank you!

  2. The Lord has His hand on it all... I just watched a video of "Dream to Destiny" done by a preacher. After seeing that, I realize He offered me many tests over and over because in my early years I kept failing. He's forever molding me.