Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I Do What I Do???

It's not about the latest diet fads, it's not about comparison of self to the magazine cover, and it's not about being consumed so much by the physique.  It's about our ONE blessing God gave us to be stewards of... our ONE engine in life... our one body that houses our soul.  Eating healthy & working out to me is glorifying Him in so many ways.  It is being a good steward and being physically & mentally fit to meet the needs of others when He sends them my way.  I can NOT help others when I myself am sick.  I can NOT love others when I do not love myself as God loves me.  I can NOT be fruitful for His Kingdom if I myself is in desperate need of repair.
A healthy lifestyle is not about "diets"... it's not about spending 2 hours in the gym either!  It's about asking Him to guide you before your feet hit the floor in the morning.  It's about making healthier choices ONE bite at a time.  It's about staying fit so you can always be ahead of Satan who loves to chase you!  It's about a CHOICE of the mind every day.  Satan loves to fill your head with lies about yourself!  Why do you fall for it?!  God did NOT create you for such nonsense!  He created you in the most perfect & loving form!  He loved you and has molded you in so many ways... isn't it time to listen to Him instead of Satan's lies?  
Start your day off with healthy choices...ONE bite at a time and ONE step at a time!  YOU CAN DO IT!!   I believe in you and so does He.

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