Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beauty- Part 3 – Biblical Beauty Secrets

Well, as most of you know by now how much of a “frady cat” I am of “synthetic” or “un-natural” things going into or onto my body.    “Health” is my motivator – not physical appearance.    So in my reading, something caught my attention… in Esther 2:8-12, Esther began her beauty treatments and special food.  What?  Beauty treatments?  Actually, there are several references as to beauty treatments & food in the bible!   And there was no “synthetics” back then – so I my attention was hooked!!

Here’s a few beauty treatment foods that are mentioned in the bible – along with information we have found on them today:
Almonds-(Jerimiah 1:10-11) helps in weight control & metabolic syndromes.  Use raw, with brown skins still on them.  The skins contain more than 20 antioxidants & contains a natural source of Vitamin E – which is a wonderful food for fighting aging and wrinkles!   
Flax – (Exodus 9:31, Joshua 2:6) – the omega-3 fatty acids helps the body regulate leptin, which helps you to lose weight and burn fat more efficiently.  It’s a huge source of Lignan which helps the liver metabolize and excrete inflammation-triggering fat and toxins.  It has 6 times amount of fiber of oats. (Dose: 1-2 TB/day)
Fish – wild caught only – contain omega-3 fatty acids that do same as listed under “flax” above but also it helps in fighting depression and contributes to soft healthy skin.   Flax oil is known to combat dandruff.  American Heart Association recommends at least 2 servings /week.
Cinnamon – was used as the Holy Annointing Oil for the tabernacle.  It regulates blood sugar, improves cholesterol, and helps the body return to a natural weight. Saliva can decrease potency of cinnamon so supplements are good. (Dose: ¼ to ½ tsp/day)
Cloves -(2 Kings 20:13) – play a role in regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, reduce weight, and promote lean body mass.
Figs – (Micah 4:4) – promotes normal weight, protects bone density and cardiovascular system.
Vinegar – taking 2 TBS before a meal prevents blood sugar spikes, weight loss if done twice/day.  The main ingredient is acetic acid – which is the “mother” factor in raw vinegars.  It also kills the  fungus that promotes dandruff.
Bread – breads in biblical times were not processed or enriched…which means NO white bread!  A bread that’s as close to biblical bread is the Ezekial brand bread. 
Tea – is NOT mentioned in the bible; however, they traded a lot in the East and they had trade routes as far away as Africa & India, so it is very possible they consumed tea. Green tea is very well known for it’s ability of boosting metabolism, burning fat, and its high antioxidant –wrinkle fighting properties. 
Honey – (Gen 43:11, Exodus 3:17, Proverbs 16:24) this was valuable in biblical days.  Women applied it to their skin, along with oils, as part of their bathing ritual.  The darker the honey, the richer it’s mineral content.  (Go for locally made raw honey for the maximum benefits!)
Olive Oil – (Exodus 30) – was a staple in biblical times of a woman’s beauty regimen.  It was used to keep the skin soft & supple – and it doesn’t clog pores like most expensive creams do today!  When a pore is clogged, it promotes wrinkles! The Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains more antioxidant & phytonutrients than the other varieties.  It was also used to tame frizzy fly-away hair. 
Dead Sea Mineral Mud Masks – it has the highest concentration of  minerals such as calcium, potassium, bromide, and magnesium.  The Dead Sea was mentioned 3 times in the bible.
Frankincense & Myrrh – (Ester 2:12) – “Before a girl’s turn came to go into King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments proscribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh…”  These oils are known to soften the skin and prevent wrinkles. 
Aloe Vera (Psalm 45:8, Numbers 24:5-7) – renowned for helping skin to heal and increases collagen production (fights wrinkles). It’s also known to hold moisture in.

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